I AM occasionally asked to be a guest co-presenter on BBC Radio Gloucestershire's breakfast show. I always jump at the chance. My dream job would be to have my own radio show, a sort of idiosyncratic aural magazine reflecting my interests and personal prejudices.

However, listening to a recording of last week's programme shows me that not only do we become like our mothers in appearance we also take on her voice. It was as though she spoke to me across the years. Except she never laughed as much as I do. In fact she disapproved of laughing, feeling that it was in some way vulgar.

One of the topics under discussion was the result of a poll taken to find out what people most resent paying for. Certain items were predictable. Tap water in restaurants, dentistry and television licenses. Top of the list came...petrol. I must admit to not getting into a lather at petrol stations but resent paying for anything nuclear, as in submarine or power station, but that never made the list.

Mark Cummings is the brilliant presenter of the breakfast show. He proves that men can multi-task. There may also be people who know as much about the county as Mark but I don't know them. He brings freshness and enthusiasm to the most diverse subjects. Except for one. Shoes. His pet hate when it comes to opening his wallet is for his shoes.

Perhaps he would be the perfect guest to interview on the long-awaited Men's Hour on BBC Radio 5. They intend to talk about mid-life crises and the problems of remaining monogamous and how women don't understand sport. Mark could add to the manly, no-women allowed, ambiance by talking about an aversion to shoes. While giving this a miss, as it would seem like eves-dropping in the pub, more and more radio is my preferred mode of entertainment. The range, variety and sheer quality of what is available is staggering.

This week I shall be listening to the Classic Serial on R4, a P G Wodehouse production with Matt Lucas, Charles Dance, Patricia Hodge, Martin Jarvis and Ian Ogilvy. Where else could gather together such a cast? Oh, and later, Derek Jacobi as Cardinal Newman.

I run my fingers over the radio schedules as though over a fine box of chocolates while wearing sequinned pumps.

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