THOUSANDS of people in Cirencester had been enjoying the town’s annual carnival for decades but declining numbers were putting the spectacle at risk.

In spite of several warnings that more support was needed and the 1991 event coinciding with fine weather, only a few more people attended than the previous year when the carnival field was lashed by rain and buffeted by a cold wind.

Organising committee chairman Ernie Luck said: “One has to ask whether the town really does want a carnival and on the evidence of Sunday’s turnout I would have to say that it does not.

“The procession was smaller than in some previous years and part of that may have been due to the fact that this year there was no Superteams contest because of a lack of people to organise one.”

For those that turned out it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

There was a procession from Watermoor through the town which included the carnival queen and her attendants.

There was music from the Cirencester town band and from the Phoenix Majorettes (pictured).

On the showground, visitors were able to watch displays of horsemanship by El Caballa de Espana and the skills of motorcycle stunt riders.

In the skies, the Team Toyota aerobatic aircraft gave a 15-minute display.