THE first thing to say is that the Bristol contingent were very complimentary about the pitch, which might help us in the future if we can ever get their first team down.

It was a good exercise all round and although we don’t like to lose I thought we played very well in the first half.

In the second half, we made several changes and it did unsettle us, but then we have to try people in different positions during pre-season.

To be fair to the Bristol lads, they did play well in the last 25 minutes and they had a number of good players that I would like to have.

I do think we now have a defence which is not going to concede many goals – a very solid base.

It was significant that the two poor goals came when Tom King was already off the field, and when we had Dan Thompson playing out of position at left back and Aaron Stevens at right back, which again is not his position.

Thommo had done very well at right back, but he was caught ball watching for their first goal.

Generally it was a much better performance than against Highworth and if we had played like that there we would have been three or four up in the first half.

Steve Davies gave us some pace and did well in the first 45 minutes before he tired. He has got to get fitter.

Ben Pugh had a steady game at left back until he had to come off with a nasty blood blister.

I have seen enough to offer Davies and Pugh contracts and hopefully both will sign on after training on Monday.

Adam Heath still interests me because I like his pace, but like all the strikers he has got to start taking the chances that come his way. He should have cut across his defender when he was put away by Harry Etheridge in the second half and then it is either a goal or a penalty. Matt Williams could have had three goals and early in the game when he got clear from a Jools flick I would have preferred him to blast the ball, and the goalie, into the back of the net rather than going for the lob.

Beng’yela Ngwa I have released because he is not what I am looking for at the moment.

We’ll take at least two new triallists to the Wootton Bassett game on Wednesday, including Tom Dingle who scored against us for Highworth last week.

We’ve watched Tom several times and I do like his extreme pace, but I want to see whether he just raised his game against us.

Oggy knows him well, having coached him previously.

Also, the experienced ex-Newport County midfielder will hopefully also play some part as there is a contract there for him to earn. I see Bassett have signed Sean Terry, but I believe he is away on holiday when we play them which is good news.