IT CERTAINLY wasn’t a classic but three points was far more important than playing entertaining football.

That’s three wins in the last four and we are trying to build some momentum.

Tiverton claim it was their best display of the season but I was disappointed with our first half performance because we let them play.

The goal made all the difference. We have brought Mark Draycott in because he scores goals and he did his job by heading the winner. Even so, he looked as tense and anxious as the rest of the team until the goal went in and only then did we play some fluent football.

Unfortunately, Mark is cup-tied for both the forthcoming Red Insure and FA Trophy games.

We went 4-4-2 after the goal just to tighten things up and I thought the defence looked solid. That’s two clean sheets in a row and Bully has not had a save to make in either game.

This team has a lot of character and that is our strength. Unless we work hard we can look average, but we are ugly to play against. We want to make sure we are in this league next season and so it is good to see us in the top half of the table.