IT WAS the same old thing and it is beginning to bore me.

We don’t seem able to defend which leaves us needing to score three goals to win a game.

I was very angry because it is not as if we don’t work on defending in our training sessions.

No team has ever battered us and yet it is just so easy to score against us at the moment -- and then you can see the shoulders drop North Leigh were nothing special but they passed it around and we let them.

We went about our jobs better in the second half but we had already conceded within three minutes of the restart.

Their centre forward got clear twice and they got two goals out of it. What was so frustrating was that the first goal barely reached the back of the net In hindsight, it probably wasn’t fair to move Andy Minturn to right back in the absence of Lee Spalding though injury.

Russ Courtney made a decent debut and looked our best defender. He is a good catch, but I needed three more like him.

I need at least a few of my players to be getting seven out of 10 most weeks, not seven one week and three the next.

I like to take Sunday off, but this time I spent the whole day on the phone seeing who is available. However, it is not easy getting hold of the right players.