This past weekend was a busy one for Bourton Roadrunners, whose athletes made their mark in races across the country.

Four members ventured to the south coast to participate in the Brighton Marathon.

Among the approximately 15,000 runners at the event was the club's own, Alex Pye.



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After careful preparation over recent weeks, Pye set a new personal best with a time of three hours, 24 minutes and 46 seconds.

First-time marathon runner, Rebecca Townsend, completed the race with a time of three hours, 52 minutes and 34 seconds.

Strong performances by the pair bode well for their upcoming participation in the imminent London Marathon.

Barry O’Leary managed to achieve a new personal best as well, with a time of four hours, 16 minutes and six seconds.

First-time marathon runner Basia Legierska, who ran in remembrance of her mother, was pleased with her performance, clocking in at four hours, 23 minutes and 14 seconds.

Not all the club's marathon runners traveled southwards, with some opting for the closer to home White Horse Half Marathon in Oxfordshire.

Darren Long outdid himself, completing the race in one hour, 24 minutes and 30 seconds, clinching second place in the male-vet 50 category and placing 20th overall.

"A good race, a good course, spoilt only by the wind," Long later remarked.

Peter Carrick came in hot on his heels with a time of one hour, 26 minutes and 36 seconds.

Maxine Emes kept a steady pace to secure a time of exactly one hour and 42 minutes.

Father and son duo, Tony and Kevin Goodwill took part in the Highworth five miles, a popular choice among the club members.

Despite the influx of slopes, Kevin stayed in front from the start, finishing the course in 33 minutes and 57 seconds.

Dad Tony held his own with a respectable time of 43 minutes and 22 seconds.

A bit further afield, runner Susan Hunt chose the Leamington Spa Regency 10K, wrapping up with a time of 54 minutes and 29 seconds.

Melissa Samuel secured a coveted spot in the London Landmarks Half and finished in three hours, 28 minutes and 43 seconds.