I and many other sports fans are bewildered and disgusted of the lack of respect for the England Football Team, for the non attendance of any member of the Royal family at the World Cup Final. I'm sure if it was the Men's final (William being president of the FA) you'd all be there.

Commitments! like what, on a Sunday?

Mike Find all, why weren't you there? If it was a World Cup Rugby Final, you would of been. And you know it. You made it to Australia for I'm a Celebrity, didn't you! Oh yeah, I get it now, no money in it for you for this show, silly me.

The Spanish Royals made it, so why couldn't any of you? It doesn't bode well on you people. How do you think your lack of support (pictures paint a thousand words) made the team feel?

Just to put it out there, Amanda Holden etc: your words of support do not reflect your actions. Why weren't you there? I would've loved to, but I couldn't afford to. Surely just one of you could.

Beckham...You have left yourself looking like a zero. Why weren't you there? Well? Can you imagine how your presence would of made the team feel? Well...come on ?

So you, Amanda Holden, Mel B, Rishi et al, with your Good Luck wishes. So shove your good wishes up your backsides.

I hope this makes it into the Letters Of The Day page, but I suspect it won't. Even better, would be to get a response of why William, any other member of the family or Rush I weren't there to raise the spirits of the team.

Answers on a postcard please!

Carl Hollingsworth