Forest Green have decided NOT to impose a "jeans and trainers" dress code on Carlisle United's directors this weekend - despite a previous threat from owner Dale Vince.

Rovers have instead told United officials they can wear what they like at Saturday's game in Gloucestershire.

Vince made headlines in October when he decided to sit with travelling fans at Brunton Park rather than observe a tie-wearing policy in Carlisle's boardroom.

He also said that it would come back to "bite" the Blues hierarchy when they visited the Fully Charged New Lawn in January.

He said at the time: "Carlisle have a strict dress code, no tie no entry - so I’m with our fans for the game, nothing lost there..

"And we have a ‘mirror dress code policy’ that will bite Carlisle later in the season [when they visit us] - whatever they ban we insist on, whatever they insist on we ban - so it’s obligatory jeans and trainers for them and no shirts or ties..."

However, the Nailsworth club have now told revealed the the United directors are not expected to don their denim on Saturday.

A spokesperson said: "We’ve let Carlisle directors know it’s a simple “wear what you like” policy at the Fully Charged New Lawn this weekend.

"We look forward to welcoming them."