SWINDON Town Football Club has ceased all formal communication with Trust STFC indefinitely.

The fans’ group was informed of the decision by club CEO Steve Anderson on Wednesday following Trust STFC’s support for Clem Morfuni in an ongoing legal dispute with the club’s owner and chairman, Lee Power.

In a statement released by Trust STFC, it said: “After weeks of public silence from the club, punctuated by multiple futile private communications between Mr Anderson and the Trust, we are now left with no official comment re the critical issues the club is facing, both in terms of its financial viability and its future prosperity.

“It also leaves the community at a loss regarding more day-to-day issues that impact fans, such as the situation regarding season tickets for this season and next.

“We have regularly encouraged the current management of STFC to respond to our open letter and provide financial transparency to the Trust and the wider supporter base but to date this has been ignored.

“The Trust are obviously extremely disappointed but not surprised that all formal channels of communication with the current ownership of Swindon Town are now closed to us.

“TrustSTFC has always been and remains owner-agnostic provided that the owners are working for the long-term best interests of STFC, its supporters and the local community.”