Swindon Town Football Club is on the brink of collapse, according to its owner. 

Town chairman Lee Power revealed the dire state of the club's finances after coming under fire from fans for selling star man Diallang Jaiyesimi late on transfer deadline day.

Expanding further on the financial situation behind the scenes at Town, Power added the best way to describe the club would be "on the brink".

"That’s probably where it is," he told BBC Radio Wiltshire. "Every month I have to worry about funding or finding funding to get the wages paid and that’s where we are.

"I’m surprised we’ve got this far if I’m honest, with no supporters and no income since March.

"It’s getting tougher and tougher and that’s where we are.

He added: "It’s week-by-week, month-by-month. The EFL has been great and they’ve helped as much as they can and we had a sell-on [fee] in the summer from (Jayden] Bogle that helped.

"We’re no different to any other club. It’s just a ridiculously hard position that we’re in.

"I funded the club and invested very heavily in the club for promotion last year to make sure the team got out of League Two, that was me, no one else. 

"At that time, I believed that we’d be in league one, the crowds would be back and we’d be back to normal and that hasn’t happened. 

"It’s been a double whammy, money and funds we used to get us up aren’t there now to keep us alive so we’re trying our best but we’re on the rockface, hanging over the edge. "

Jaiyesimi was sold to Charlton Athletic on Monday after the London side matched a release clause in his contract - but Power told supporters will fund the club for at least the next month. 

He said: "To be honest, the last thing we want to do is sell our best players, especially with the position that we’re in.

"But like I’ve said and stated since March last year, we’re in a national pandemic, we’ve had no supporters in the stadium, it’s been a fight morning noon and night to keep this club afloat.

"The money from DJ will keep this club alive until the end of February and that’s the position the football club’s in at this moment in time."