Each week since lockdown, Running Somewhere Else in Cirencester, have been motivating their members to maintain their running whilst following current rules when it comes to daily exercise.

Coaches within the club have been setting weekly challenges to encourage members to stay local, use open spaces near their home, and only run alone or with members of their household.

This week’s Running Somewhere Else’s Coaches Challenge saw over 50 of their members split into five teams, each captained by one of the club coaches, to encourage each other to continue running and communicating during lockdown.

Teams were challenged to take part in a variety of tasks where they could be awarded bonus ‘miles’, alongside the physical miles they each ran, in an attempt to accrue the most miles over the week and be crowned the winners.

Challenges included co-ordinating running attire so each team member wore a different colour of the rainbow, only running in one direction (so only left turns or right turns allowed!) and taking a variety of silly selfies, all whilst following social distancing guidelines.

Members were also encouraged to take part in a home-based exercise workout, such as strength training, yoga/pilates or the popular Jo Wicks PE session.

The challenges certainly proved popular with almost all members completing an effort session, where they needed to run up a hill at least five times wearing RSE club colours, and contributing to their team’s weekly total miles.

Members really enjoyed the challenges and commented that the selfie element made each run more memorable and fun, and had helped to keep the club connected.

By incorporating teams, it really got them motivated with the friendly competition too.

It certainly made the captains’ smile when they learnt that some members didn’t know the ‘correct’ colours of the rainbow, others tune in to Joe Wicks just to watch him and one member took an orange on a 12 mile run just to be able to take a selfie with it!

Congratulations went to ‘Gareth’s Gang’ who completed the most miles over the week but the coaches were incredibly impressed with all who took part and embraced the challenges, and the undeniable team spirit of the running club.

The club are hoping to have a charity fundraising evening when it is safe to do so to celebrate everyone’s involvement.