Texas Scramble

The first competition of the year took place on a cold and frosty morning at South Cerney Golf Club, which meant that temporary winter greens were in use on all 18 holes.

Inevitably, this led to some excellent low scoring, with all 16 teams coming in below par with their gross scores.

The winning team of Walter Sutherland (making his first appearance of the year since his shoulder injury), Dave Buckley, Phil Stansfield and Alan Armstrong shot a very impressive gross score of 61, netted down to 56.9 to finish 3 shots clear of the field. The only other team to break 60 contained Alan Martin, Guy Montezuma, Mike Baker and Wayne Bonne, and finished on 59.9. The remaining 14 teams all finished between 60 and 64, but the biggest cheer went up on the short par-3 15th hole, where Chris Huckle’s sand wedge from the tee found its way into the hole. Unfortunately for Chris, the rules of the Seniors Section, which would normally allow for club funds to pick up the tab for the resulting round of drinks, specifically exclude a hole-in-one on a temporary green.