Richie Wellens certainly knows how to alienate himself with the Town fans. I heard most of his post-match Stevenage interview and his comments about the supporters were unnecessary and inappropriate, writes Peter Mitchell.

Comments were made along the lines of 'we are six points behind the leaders so it must be all doom and gloom'.

Swindon are not looking like the team from five weeks ago. Their game has become slow and ponderous. If Mr Wellens, as the manager, bothered to look into Swindon’s recent past, he would see that Town fans had endured a couple of awful seasons under Luke Williams, when the coach persisted in a game of playing everything from the back, excessively so, creating numerous foul ups and consistent slow-slow build ups. This undoubtedly led directly to Swindon’s relegation in 2016/17.

Some of Swindon’s play on Tuesday against Stevenage was very reminiscent of this period and I would say that is the reason Town fans’ enthusiasm has cooled over the past few weeks. Every move was laboriously built and it wasn’t until injury time that goalkeeper Steven Benda mixed it up a bit with a few downfield kicks. Far too late. The bottom of the league visitors had oodles of time to get eight men behind the ball before Swindon approached their penalty area.

In effect a great goal in the last minute by Eoin Doyle was Swindon’s Get Out Of Jail card and without it the criticism would have been widespread.

Michael Doughty who was praised as being “back to his best” contributed with a couple of incisive passes in the first half but otherwise his passing was square or backwards, with little creativity.

Let’s get back to our early season swift attacking strategy, four passes instead of seven, when we really did look a dangerous outfit.

If the manager doesn’t want to know just what the fans really feel about style and performance then he needs to stay well away from a seat in the stand.