EAT your heart out Swindon Town. Forest Green boast the most clean sheets in the country - an incredible five consecutive League Two clean sheets and only five goals conceded in 11 league encounters.

Forest Green are top of the class, passing out with honours. Lessons were learned at the Sunday sessions a week ago and the whacking 4-0 away win at Salford has delighted us all.

I am a passive watcher, but I hope perceptive presence when manager Mark Cooper speaks to the media after games. It is interesting to compare Mark to Dave Hockaday and Ady Pennock. At times they could be non-plussed, or even overwhelmed. Mark always is looking for a way forward. On the sad Stevenage Saturday he was of course bitterly disappointed but by 5.15pm,but he knew a way forward. The were to be called in the next day to discuss the game. Planning for Salford would begin on Monday. We all know the result. After the match Mark was ecstatic, praising both fans and players. They had done the club proud. On Saturday all deserve a rapturous reception.