Dorothy Liviabella, once again rode to victory at Mountain Mayhem, a gruelling 24-hour Mountain Bike event.

Coming out on top in the female solo category, adding to her victory in 2017 and making her a double champion in 24-hour racing.

The race, which has previously been held at Gatcombe in Minchinhampton, moved to a new location in Northamptonshire and involved completing laps of 9km each with 245m of ascent, over rough terrain through forested areas, rocky climbs, steep downhill sections and grassy banks.

The vegan triathlete who last year moved from Stroud to Cirencester took an early lead in the race and managed to extend her lead to 2 laps by midnight (half way stage). Over the 24-hours Dorothy completed 27 laps covering 244km with 6615m of ascent, which was 3 laps ahead of 2nd place to give a comfortable but hard earned win. Speaking after the race Dorothy said: "Racing for 24-hours is never going to be easy. Starting at midday on Saturday, sleep deprivation kicks in during the early hours of Sunday, just before sunrise and the realisation that you are only just over half way, makes the task ahead seem unreal.

"Your body just wants to stop and sleep but you know you just need to keep on going. I didn’t want to give up any of the lead I had worked so hard to get during the first 12-hours, and knew if I just kept going, barring a mechanical issue with my bike, I would be on track to another victory.

"I was supported once again by my husband Tony, who kept me up to date on my race position and most importantly kept me fuelled for the duration. Its definitely a team effort, as to race for 24 hours, you need to keep eating the right foods that will keep you hydrated, fuelled and are easy to digest – the last thing you want is any kind of stomach issue. He had this absolutely nailed once again and is a pillar of support in both training and racing."’

Dorothy is taking a few days off, but is back racing this weekend in the Cotswold Way Relay race, running in the ladies team for Stroud & District Athletics Club.