Cirencester Swimming Club came away with three medals from the South West Regional Championships.

Henry Sheffield won two medals as he claimed bronze in the 800 metre and 1500 metre freestyle while Lucinda Norris won silver in the 50 metre breaststroke in the aged 13 category.

The club also had 12 swimmers qualify for finals.

Over the last few weekends, a total of 27 swimmers from Cirencester have competed in the South West Regional Championships in Plymouth, Bristol and Millfield School.

To qualify for the championships, swimmers must have competed at the Gloucester County championships earlier in the year and reached a certain qualifying time. They then compete against all the other counties across South and South West England.

Despite the fierce competition from many of the larger clubs over the three consecutive weekends, the Cirencester swimmers achieved some excellent results, including numerous personal best times and representation in a number of finals.

The swimmers who qualified for finals were:

• Emily Wan 8th in the 16yo 50m backstroke final, having entered the event with a consideration time.

• Lena Nejkic 5th in the 13yo 100m breast final

• Kirsten Powell 6th in the 14yo 100m freestyle final

• Samuel Kempster 10th in the 13yo 50m breast final

• Lucinda Norris 2nd and Lena Nejkic 4th in the 13yo 50m breast final

• Henry Sheffield 5th in the 13yo 200m butterfly final

• Olivia Kerr-Muir 7th in the 13yo 100m backstroke final

• Lucinda Norris 7th in the 13yo 50 freestyle final

• Kirsten Powell 6th in the 14yo 50 freestyle final

• Lena Nejkic 8th in the 13yo 200 breaststroke final

• Kirsten Powell 4th 14yo 50 backstroke final

• Zach Hitchcock-Smith 8th in the 14yo 50 Free final

Mike Kempster, one of Cirencester’s squad leads, said: “All the swimmers have done themselves proud and represented the club in an exemplary manner. This has been a huge team effort from our swimmers as well as our volunteer coaching team."