Louis Harvey recovered from a crash in the warm up to stand on the podium twice, finishing second in round five and third place in round six while setting fastest lap in both finals at the Rissington Kart Club Championship at the weekend.

Harvey, from Malmesbury, badly bruised his hand and wrecked all the steering in a crash during the warm-up.

He also missed Saturday's practise sessions to attend his sister's wedding.

Harvey was unable to do a lap in the three lap practise session as a spinning kart crossed the track in front of him which he could not avoid.

The impact was hard enough to wreck all the steeping components and twist the chassis. His dad and team manager David Klaassen worked frantically to fix the kart and get him out for qualifying.

The damage left Harvey at least half a second off the pace and was only able to qualify 21st out of 34. The team straightened the chassis before the start of the first heat.

Heat one was difficult with Harvey trying to work his way up but looked to be down on power. He managed to make up five places, crossing the line in 16th.

With a swap to his second engine, he again started heat two from 21st but by the end of lap one he'd already made up seven places. He eventually finished in sixth place and would start both finals 11th on the grid.

Final one saw a good start and by the halfway point, Harvey moved into fifth. By lap 10 he was into second and chasing down the leader. He closed the gap to just over four tenths of a second by the time they got to the finishing line but had to settle for second and the fastest lap of the session.

Final two's start was hectic but Harvey was third by lap 10 but a miss-judged braking point by the driver behind hit Harvey, causing him to lose two places. He regained third just a lap later but the leading pack were too far ahead and that's where he finished, again setting the fasted lap.

Harvey has been on the podium for every round of the Rissington championship so far and has pulled out a good lead.

His next race is round two of the Motorsport UK British Karting Championship at Rissington Kart Track on May 18 and 19.