Louis Harvey had a dream debut at the SuperOne Junior ROK class as he stormed to victory.

Despite a new class requiring a different driving style, Malmesbury’s Harvey took this all in his stride.

Friday's practise involved Harvey learning the characteristics of the new engine and the team setting up the chassis to handle the extra power and learn about the new engine.

Tyre management would be key during the weekend.

Harvey set the fastest time in qualification so came in early to save tyres and was pushed to second by just two hundredths of a second by Tiernan Rourke.

Day one, final one and a bogging engine caused Harvey to slow on the formation lap and cross the line in fifth. He was quickly back into second before taking the lead in lap three and held it for the remainder of the race.

Day one, final two saw Harvey fail to make the start as the engine once again oiled up on the formation lap only this time stopping completely.

After a spark plug change, he was able to join the race and eventually finished third.

After fixing the issues, it was onto day two and Harvey again set the fastest lap initially and coming in to save tyres he was pipped to pole by William Orton but retained second place.

In final one, Harvey dropped to third entering the first corner but by lap two he was back into second and hot on the heels of Orton.

Harvey and Orton drove away crossing the line with Harvey second with a gap of over four seconds from the rest of the field.

Day two, final two it was Orton who lead into the first lap and Harvey in second. A clean move by Harvey on lap two saw him take the lead. By lap nine he opened up a one second gap but with failing tyres and only half race distance there was a long way to go. By lap 14 Orton had closed the gap hard but Harvey held him off.

Due to his sister getting married and race clashes in 2019, Harvey will not be able to defend his Championship lead.