Cirencester Swimming Club junior came away with 64 medals at this year’s County Championships which ran throughout January and February.

The swimmers walked away with 21 gold, 21 silver and 22 bronze medals in total which is testament to the hard training, dedication and hours spent poolside of volunteer coaches which has been the largest medal haul seen by the club in recent years.

Cirencester swimmers travelled to Bristol Hengrove and made the most of racing in a 50m pool prior to returning to Gloucester’s GL1 facility.

Overall (whole squad junior and senior) 34 new regional consideration times (with tougher criteria compared to last year in 35 age/event categories) have been set alongside 33 new regional qualifying times with equally tougher criteria.

These Counties saw a very low five disqualifications in total over 500 swims (including finals) and there was an 80% PB rate for all.

For the juniors, medals went to Isabella Stenson (4G, 2S, 1B), George Pearson (4S, 4B), Ischi Howells (1S, 1B) and Finley Mooney (1S).

Medals aside, there were plenty of personal best swim times achieved by Sam Humphrey, Rebekkah Mawer, Ella Duggan, Ella-Louise Herbert, Issy Watt, Felix Duggan, Addison Starsmeare-Ferris, Katie Johnston and Emy Kerr-Muir who are one step closer to regional considerations.

Not only do the Counties allow for single races they are ended with the much-anticipated team relays.

Cirencester were able to field both A and B teams in most of the age categories.

Due to current rules in place only one team can qualify for the finals and this saw Cirencester A teams again come away with eight medals.

Results: Boys 9-10 years medley consisting of Humphrey, G Pearson, Mooney, J Green Bronze.

Boys 9-10 years Free consisting of Dewar, Humphrey, G Pearson, Mooney - Gold

Girls 9-10 years medley consisting of E Kerr-Muir, Ridges, Howells, Duggan Bronze.

Girls 9-10 years free consisting of Howells, W Kerr-Muir, Duggan, Johnston Silver.

Girls 11-12 years medley consisting of B Kenny, Nejkic, I Stenson, O Kerr-Muir Gold.

Girls 11-12 years free consisting of I Stenson, O Kerr-Muir, Nejkic, B Kenny Silver.