JOE Hughes is eyeing a world title shot but insists he’s focused on winning the British title when he takes on Robbie Davies Jnr in Liverpool in March.

The boxer, from Malmesbury will also defend his European super-lightweight championship on Sky Sports on Saturday, March 30.

Hughes has been chasing the British title all his career and despite holding the European crown, he’s desperate to add the British to his collection and put himself in a position to challenge for the world title.

“I want to pick up that belt and that British title that I’ve always been after,” said Hughes.

“I feel like I deserve to have it already. When I boxed for it last time I thought that I won the fight but I didn’t get the decision, it was only a draw so that’s always been one for me.

“The winner is also in line for a world title shot and that’s definitely a big motivation having that carrot dangling in front of me which is something every boxer dreams of so it’s something I’ll be chasing.

“Defending my European title is a big deal as well as the British.

“Even though the British isn’t as big a title as the European it’s still a prestigious one to get.

“I’ve always wanted this British title, that’s always been a goal for me.”

The 28-year-old says his title triumph in Italy back in November was a huge step in his career.

Hughes has Erbs Palsy, a condition which has resulted in one of his arms being shorter than the other.

He won the title against the odds and is once again second favourite with the bookies but he’s used to being the underdog and relishes proving people wrong and keen to continue his progress.

“I went to Italy and was expected to lose,” he commented. “Half of it because ‘oh he’s only got one arm’ but I won that and I’m underdog again with a lot of the bookies and the pundits.

“I’ve proved in the past that the bookies aren’t always right and it’s another motivation to prove them wrong.

“It feels good when people say you can’t do it and you go and do it.”

“The European is a step ahead so winning that was a real big deal for me career wise.

“The only thing bigger than the European title is the world title so that’s all there is for me really so it’s the next step.”

Hughes is expecting a difficult contest against Davies Jnr and praised his opponents ability but he’s confident he can get the win if he brings his A-game.

“It’ll be a really good fight, I’m looking forward to it,” Hughes commented.

“I think it’s good to be on another big show after last time in Italy and live on Sky Sports in a big arena so I’m really excited.

“I’m very confident, I’m sure he is as well because he’s a very good fighter.

“He’s tricky, he changes his stance quite a lot and he’s got quite a good knockout ratio so I’m going to have to be on the ball but I’m confident I can win.”

Since the announcement was announced earlier this month, the build up has intensified. Hughes went to Liverpool for the press conference and face-off last week.

He will soon commence full training but feels in good shape and was pleased to have a secured another so fight so quickly after his victory in Italy.

“With only fighting in November it’s nice that I’ve got another fight so soon because you can’t get out of shape almost,” said Hughes.

“I had some time off over Christmas with the family then I was straight back on it so it worked out quite well.

“I’m not quite in full training yet because I don’t want to start too early burn myself out before the fight but I’m training in the gym about two sessions a day.