WE have a quality team but they must become more ruthless and make superior skill count.

Opposing managers may say you are the best team we have played all season. If that were true we would be top of the league. Lincoln are and they play nasty, in your face football. Their way is not mine but their certain aspects of their approach we could adopt. When did we last give a sucker an even break? Yet again we have done exactly that!

IT would have been a great match for a neutral spectator. This soccer cliche means one thing. The home team lost! We did and it hurts.

Forest Green took the lead and played some outstanding football and at half-time I glowed. It had been a wonderful New Lawn day. Soup was back on the menu, the ambassadors magazine was a delightful read, we were playing well. As a regular FGR watcher I should have known better than to think a win was a formality. One goal is never enough and good chances had been missed and I am afraid they continued to be. Then the inevitable happened.Our defence collapsed down the right, allowing Bury to make considerable progress down the left touchline.The ball was crossed and our defence gave a passable imitation of the Red Sea. Surely it could not happen again? Oh yes it could! Bury fans were now in full voice, inspiring their team to score the winner. They did! Yet FGR had suffered another smash and grab home defeat. I was not alone in stunned disappointment. For most of the game Rovers had been superb yet we lost. An ailing Mrs Light was honest when I got home. Playing well comes along behind winning. At this time of the season points matter. Indeed they do.