Running Somewhere Else race reports round-up

Winter Ultra Cross 50k

The Winter Cross Ultra 50k took place at Meonstoke near Southampton. The race consisted of three out and back legs of different terrains.

The course legs were run in the order of N-E-W

North (9k with 8k being off-road) mostly flat, easy and on gravel/chippings.

East (21k with 16k being off-road) was probably the toughest with two significant hill climbs and a smaller one on the outbound leg.

West (21k with 12k being off-road) was varied and interesting. Whilst not having the views of the East leg, it passed through the picturesque villages of Meonstoke and Exton to join the South Downs Way heading through farms towards Winchester.

Representing RSE was Rochelle Ravenscroft who completed the race in 6:24:00. She was followed very closely by Gareth Roberts who finished in the same time.

Gloucester 10 mile

The Gloucester 10 mile road race took place on Sunday, December 30.

The course was mainly flat with a few inclines and included a section out to the main loop followed by two laps with a section back to the finish.

Representing RSE was Mark Manley who completed the race in 1:17:08. He was followed by;

Sharon Smith - 1:19:52 which was a PB and first in the LV60 category.

Kirsty Pitts - 1:28:00

Emma Hine - 1:28:28 in a new PB

Becca Wilson - 1:30:48 and also a PB.

Richard Marshall - 1:37:54 which was a PB.

Cirencester Park Run 22nd December

Dave Witnall - 22:51

Paul Coates - 25.00

Ellie Taylor - 25:18

Sarah Reynolds - 26:28

Anne Gardiner - 28:24

Charley Trykush - 47:17

Cirencester Park Run 29th December

Dave Witnall - 21:59

Lindsay Gregory - 27.38

Anne Gardiner - 27:52

Sandie Wood - 28:53

Cathy Steer - 30:06

Tracey Webster - 31:34

Caroline Joynes-Creed - 35:19

Kevin Joynes-Creed - 35:19

Swindon Park Run 22nd December

Steve Sandercock - 26:29

Caroline Sandercock - 34:13

Swindon Park Run 29th December

Martyn Joyce - 23:05

Steve Sandercock - 26:37

Caroline Sandercock - 34:38

Marlborough Common Park Run 22nd December

Cathy Steer - 29:31