Stroud and District Division 1: Phoenix A could only field two players against their visitors from Forest Green A and subsequently the away side went home with an 8-2 victory and both Marcus Holba and Sam Turner were unbeaten. Woodchester A could also only field two players but thanks to a maximum from Mark Farrow they still recorded a 6-4 win against the visiting Frampton A.

Division 2: Randwick B lost 2-8 at home to Frampton C for whom Simon Philp top scored with a maximum.

Another maximum from Alan Giles ensured that Forest Green B beat their local rivals from Nailsworth A 6-4. A much weakened Phoenix D were well beaten by the visiting Thornbury B with both Simon Lewis and Mark Attwood scoring maximums in their 9-1 victory. An undefeated Steve Charlwood helped Randwick A to a 7-3 victory against the visiting Phoenix D. The points were shared between Frampton B and the visiting Whiteshill A but the stand out player was the unbeaten Bob Murray.

Division 3: In what turned out to be a bad week for the Phoenix club in this division, Phoenix E lost 3-7 at home to Randwick C with the visitors Roger Dickenson scoring a maximum. The next evening Steve Biles scored a max for Thornbury C which helped his side to an 8-2 victory against the visiting Phoenix F. Phoenix G suffered a whitewash when they entertained Woodchester C as Olly Philp, Roger Davis and John Bunn were all unbeaten.

Division 4: Forest Green C lost 4-6 at home to Thornbury although no one player could dominate the match. Len Agg and Simon Ruddleston each scored maximums for Frampton D when they beat the visiting Phoenix H 8-2. Phoenix I defeated the visiting Randwick E 8-2 thanks to maximum scores from Allan Norman and Thomas Spellman.