Play badly and win and you are a successful side. This soccer saying was proved spot on at the New Lawn on Saturday.

Forest Green failed to impress when beating Crewe 1-0, but look at the league table, it makes encouraging reading. FGR are in a great position and close to an automatic promotion spot. Anything is possible.

The team and coaching staff have done us proud this season. We have thrilling times ahead! On Saturday Rovers jettisoned their passing game for much of the game and very nearly gifted Crewe the game. Overall passing was slipshod and too often the ball was played aimlessly forward.

This granted our opponents too many opportunities to mount attacks and it was only firm defending that won the game. Farrend Rawson and Gavin Gunning, both outstanding in the air, were my joint men of the match. After the game Mark Cooper was delighted with the points, but thought the crowd had been too quiet.

Several FGR veterans who support the club in ways that are worthy of respect and admiration did not agree with Mark thinking the crowd had been in good form.

Not me, I am firmly behind the Manager about this. Our players, who could be taking us to of undreamed heights deserve all the noisy support we can give them. This lacking at the New Lawn. Forest Green-Championship chanted our away fans at Yeovil. We need that zest at home. Now for the New Year. If everyone pulls in the same direction the journey could be thrilling.