All the latest from Running Somewhere Else who competed in the Gloucestershire AAA Road Race.

Gloucestershire AAA Road Race Series

The Gloucestershire AAA Road Race Series involves first claim members of affiliated Gloucestershire running clubs, including RSE, who are automatically entered if they compete in the listed races.

The Series consists of 12 open races nominated by the Gloucestershire AAA Road Race committee covering a variety of distances.

Points are awarded according to the runner's position among fellow County runners.

The best eight scores achieved count, and at least five events must be completed. Points will be awarded to ten leading runners in each category, 10 points for first place down to one point for 10th.

As it stands, RSE have three runners who will be awarded medals in their respective categories.

Sandie Wood achieved a gold medal in the V55 category, Sharon Smith won a gold medal in the V65 category, Mark Manley achieved a bronze medal place in the Male V50 category and Elaine Chapman achieved bronze in the Ladies V35 category.

Gloucestershire AAA Cross Country League Race Two:

The second race of the Gloucestershire AAA Cross Country League took place at Charlton Park, Malmesbury on Saturday. The ladies event involved two loops of a 3.2 km circuit making 6.4 km.

Team One for RSE stand 26th and included: Ellie Taylor - 32:44, Sharon Smith - 33:20 (who was also 1st LV 65) and Jo Wood - 33:34.

Team Two for RSE stand 38th and included: Sarah Page - 36:44, Jess Osbourne - 39:20 and Kate Potter - 42:36

The Ladies Veterans team including Sharon Smith, Sarah Page and Kate Potter and stand 17th in their category.

The Men's event involved three loops of the 3.2 km circuit making 9.6 km. Results: Dave Witnall - 42:50, Ben Chapman - 45:50, Steve Phelps - 47:55, Martin Sheriff - 50:57. For Full report visit

Centurion Grand Prix

The Centurion Grand Prix is a series of six races in Birmingham starting in November. This is a five mile circular route using a path along the River Cole and around Babbs Mill Lake in Birmingham.

Representing RSE in the first race of the event on Sunday, November 4 was Dave Witnall who completed the race in 33:34 coming 16th overall.

Guy Fawkes Five

On Sunday, November 4 the Guy Fawkes Five mile road race took place along quiet rural roads around Tewkesbury. This was also the final race in the Glos AAA Road Race Series.

First in for RSE was Mark Manley in a time of 33:26. He was followed by:

Steve Phelps - 37:49

Elaine Chapman - 39:10

Sandie Wood - 43:04

Dave Whitlow - 43:05

Cirencester Park Run

Ollie Hazel - 20.37 and a PB

Wayne Edginton - 25:00

Steve Sandercock - 26:58

Suzanne Steel - 31:19

Vanessa Poole - 32:12

Pauline Tilbury - 32:19

Sarah Gray - 32:26

Caroline Sandercock - 36:02

Swindon Park Run

Martyn Joyce - 20:49