Defeats happen and they are part of the game but something happened that has no place in football.

Many fans gave sub Charlie Cooper warm applause when he was preparing to come on. All praise to them. Some others did not. Personal jibes were hurled in his direction before a he had kicked a ball. That is not on. Charlie has had some difficult moments this season but as a young player coming on to the field to help us win the game, he deserved encouragement. Those fans who did not give it to him need to ask themselves some questions. Who made the crucial pass that set up Tahvon Campbell for his goal?

Saturday at The New Lawn was a roller-coaster of emotions. First of all pride. The newest club in the Football League were playing the oldest. There was large crowd and over 700 from Nottingham.

The pitch was a credit to the groundsman considering the recent vile weather. Was everyone in awe of our opponents? In the first-half the white flag of surrender was continually waved and a sloppy goal conceded.Pride had given way to gloom. The was so different.

Rueben Reid was given support leading the line well and the whole team responded. The subs all made good contributions and Notts County were rocking. Tahvon scored a stunning goal and we were level. This was a match that could be won! Sadly exultation turned to despair. Another soft goal was given away. The defeat was hard to bear. I admire Dan Wishart when he is dashing down the wing but as a defender he scares me stiff. He was found wanting.