I know that there is very little loyalty in football these days and that we shouldn’t be surprised at anything that happens. However, the sudden departure of Swindon manager David Flitcroft on Wednesday did come close to challenging that premise, writes Peter Mitchell.

Obviously, we don’t know if there is more to all this than meets the eye but I understood Flitcroft to have 15 months left on a 2 year deal and, judging by the curt statement made by Swindon Town so far, I wouldn’t think he went with the club’s blessing.

Maybe it was more of a rolling deal – but whatever the contractual arrangements this was a real kick in the teeth imparted to both his players and the Club supporters.

As Town manager, Flitcroft was never slow in using such words as “commitment, responsibility and support” in his press interviews and I wonder, in the context of his departure, if he has misunderstood their meaning.

With Swindon sitting in seventh place in the table this was a real sucker punch and I can only imagine the blue hue of the atmosphere wherever Chairman Lee Power was when he heard the news. How on earth can he say that he “couldn’t turn such an opportunity down” ? – Mansfield are hardly a club with a bigger history than Swindon, or with as much potential.

In any event I feel sure Mr. Flitcroft will receive a VERY warm welcome next time he visits the County Ground – especially if Swindon/Mansfield should meet in the play-offs this year !