It’s a quiet time of the year with most Premiership teams sorted for 2018 although King’s Lyn have not announced a headliner yet, whilst Belle Vue have so far only signed Craig Cook who with Tai Woffinden will be representing Britain in the Grand Prix series this year.

It could well be that promoters are holding off making key signings until a television deal is sealed…..or not.

Riders like 2012 Chris Holder and the talented young Englishman Robert Lambert, with King’s Lynn in 2017, have not signed for anyone with Lambert rumoured to possibly giving British racing a miss this coming season.

As far as the Robins are concerned, in Nick Morris, Troy Batchelor, Tobiaz Musielak and David Bellego they have four riders who could be in contention for the number one spot whilst much will be expected from Adam Ellis. Surely injuries apart, it has to be fortress Abbey.

Much however will depend on reserves Zach Wajtknecht and Mitchell Davy and if they can claim half a dozen points between them at Blunsdon and maybe a point or two less on the road, the season could be very promising indeed.

Not blessed with the most effective captains in recent years, manager Alun Rossiter should consider appointing Bellego as captain. The Thursday all day volunteers proffered his name with some enthusiasm at their recent Christmas Lunch in the presence of Robins management Terry Russell and Steve Parks.

The most popular rider amongst the Thursday track staff last year was Bradley Wilson-Dean and it's good to see that he has a Premiership place back with Somerset next year where he is joined by world champion Jason Doyle who spent several years there racing in the second tier.

The year ended on a sad note with the death of former Robin George White. With 265 appearances and 1947.5 points, he was rightly regarded as a club legend and was often seen at the track on race nights, the last time being in the play off final last year against Wolverhampton. Placed 11th in Swindon’s scorers since the club was formed in 1948, White only raced for eight seasons from 1954-1961, including the club’s league title in 1957 and retired almost at the top of his game to build up his well known motorcycle business.