TROY Batchelor is back at the Abbey after sealing an emotional return.

Former Grand Prix racer Batchelor has enjoyed success with the club but saw his 2017 season cut short with King’s Lynn when he was controversially sacked.

Now he’s back in British racing with the reigning league champions - and he’s thrilled with the move.

“It’s great to be back at Swindon it’s always been a successful and well run club.

“I’m familiar with a lot of faces there and the riders too I did a few guest bookings last year with swindon and as most of the team are staying for 2018 we should all fit in and get on well.

“I’m excited for 2018 to start especially after missing some of 2017 but it only makes me more determined to do well.

“I hope we can have a successful season and put on great show throughout.”

As for his lack of racing in the UK since July, he said: “I didn't race much after July In England no, but I was racing in Europe still, I’m not used to not racing in the UK as I haven’t missed a season here since I started and only having time off with injuries.

“So yes it was a little bit weird and my schedule was cut down.

“I always wondered what It would be like not to ride in England like some of the other guys choose to do. Now I know haha!

“I think to be a great rider you need to be on the bike as much as possible living speedway day in day out.

“So yes I missed riding here. I’m glad to be back for 2018 and hopefully a for more years to come.”

Batchelor is also pleased to be racing with many of last season’s title winners.

“For the fans I’m sure its great to have as many riders back as possible because they grow to like the riders and have their favourites , and then at the end of the year the rules change and averages change and it’s nearly impossible to have the same team every year.

“From my point of view it’s also good as the riders know each other already, they know how the club works, know how the track is so it all that makes things a little easier and can be worth some extra points on the track as a team.”