ADAM ELLIS and Zach Wajtknecht, two of the 2017 title-winning squad at Swindon Speedway, have joined the Robins as full assets from Lakeside.

While neither has yet been confirmed in the 2018 team at this stage, while management ponder the ramifications of new rules announced at the recent AGM of the sport, boss Alun Rossiter has warmly welcomed the move as two of Great Britain’s hottest prospects commit their long-term futures to Swindon.

Rossiter said: “This is a really positive move for us and it’s a further exciting investment into our asset base after the moves we made last season.

“Obviously at the moment we can’t say for sure that Adam and Zach will definitely be in our team next year because we have to sort out what’s going on at the top-end first.

“But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that obviously I would like to include both of them if at all possible.

“We brought Adam in on a high average last season and we stuck with him after he had a tough start. There was a lot of pressure to make a change but I had belief in him, I’ve also worked with him at GB level, and he came good for us at some crucial times.

“Zach was definitely one of the best newcomers at reserve last season, and he did everything we asked of him before suffering that unfortunate freak accident.

“In the matches before his crash he was beating some very established riders and I actually think he deserves to have more recognition at international level.

“It’s great that the two of them want to be a part of the club going forward, and I’m looking forward to being able to work with them in the years to come.”