WESSEX TREC Club held its two-day summer competition at the beautiful Oxleaze Farm near Filkins.

The event was enjoyed by 70 competitors and their horses, most of whom stayed for the whole weekend, attending a barbecue and social on the Saturday evening.

TREC is a ridden competition which can be entered as an individual or as a pair at levels 1-4 depending on experience.

It has three phases – orienteering over a distance (POR), obstacles (PTV) and control of paces (MA) when the combination are timed over 150m at their slowest canter, and then at their fastest walk, while staying within a narrow track.

Breaking into a trot at any point results in a zero score for that section.

If you would like to know more about TREC or Wessex TREC Club, please visit https://wessextrec.com Thank you to our hosts the Mann family and to Fran Huckle and her team for making the event run so smoothly.


Level 1 Pairs: 1 Melanie Bowers (Blinker) & Sharon Petchey (Ellie); 2 Jo-Anne Watts (Mary Mount) & Tamsin Raymond (Indigo); 3 Jules Wiggins (Leo) & Angela Percival (Bluebell).

Level 1 Individual: Niki King (Tortuga); Ann Maisel (Hullabaloo); Karen Butt (Elle).

Level 2 Pairs: 1 Dorothy Harris (Acorn Fine 'n' Dandy) & Katherine Lougher (Dazzling Dream); 2 Angela Hughes (Baraka Shah) & Tessa Baylis (Llewis); 3 Bella Craven (Colin) & Robin Tillett (Jubilee Star II).

Level 2 Individual: 1 Amanda Marfleet (Inishowens Pride); 2 Bridget Stein (Neco); 3 Liz Beddows (Rosie).


Level 1: Best PTV – Niki King (130); Best MA – Mel Bowers (45); Best POR – Natalie Hodgkiss (238). Level 2: Best PTV Bridget Stein (148); Best MA – Amanda Marfleet (45); Best POR – Angela Hughes & Tessa Baylis (232 each).

TREC is a sport intended to test the skills of a horse and rider in planning and executing a long distance ride in unfamiliar country. It originated in France and was introduced into the UK in the early 1990s.