A CIRENCESTER based sports therapy business is sponsoring a dressage rider hopeful of a spot at this year’s Olympics.

Shiwon Green and her horse Da Vinci relocated from New Zealand to the Cotswolds in 2013 and have now been long listed for Team GB’s dressage squad.

She has praised the support of Caroline Middleton and the award-winning Cirencester Sports Massage for their help in preparing her.

Shiwon said: “With the support I receive from Caroline and her team, I am able to have a regular sports massage treatment which in turn helps me to stay in the best physical shape to compete at elite level and support my busy work and home schedule.”

Caroline Middleton explained how the sponsorship scheme works: “Top athletes will receive considerable financial support, however other unfunded athletes will have to foot all their own expenses.

Caroline, a Level 5 sports therapist, and her team specialise in sports massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, neuromuscular techniques, kinesio taping, acupuncture, and therapeutic ultrasound.

While necessary for recovery after physically demanding competition, such therapy can be expensive treatment which is why they're helping out athletes without lucrative financial backing.

“We realise that some athletes are simply unable to afford physical therapy and that’s where we have stepped in to offer our support," she added.

“We are delighted to be working with Shiwon Green and have learnt a lot about the physical demands of the dressage world.”

Cirencester Sports Massage announced the news on their website, saying: "We are part of the Sports Massage Association's "Road2Rio" programme which offers unfunded Rio bound athletes the chance to benefit from sports massage and therapy at a fraction of the normal cost."

"We are very proud to be offering our support to Shiwon Green who is longlisted to represent NZ at dressage.

"Shiwon moved over to the UK several years ago with her team of talented horses to train and prepare for the Rio Olympics.

"During this time she has become a valued client and has had regular sports massage treatments to help keep her in the best possible shape to compete at international level.

"Her horse doesn't get left out of the equation either as Da Vinci receives regular monthly treatments from an equine physiotherapist."