HAVING read the article in last week's Standard regarding Giffords Circus and having visited the circus over the weekend of August 18, I felt compelled to write and ask why your publication would give valuable column inches to the Captive Animals Protection Society when it's highly likely that they have never visited this circus themselves. I suspect they are just trying to create maximum publicity for themselves by having a go at a high profile target in the area.

The handful of animals at this circus perform for only a very short period of time and they are extremely well looked after and cared for; they are happy, loved like pets, well fed and could want for nothing more.

This call for a boycott is ridiculous. CAPS would serve themselves far better by applying their resources to target domestic pet owners that don't care for or about their animals.

I'm happy to say though that no one seems to be heeding their advice, as there wasn't an empty seat at the circus when we attended and I would urge everyone to visit Giffords Circus this year for a good, old-fashioned, traditional family performance that will entrance you from beginning to end - in my opinion this year's is by far the best show they have ever put on.