I feel so sad for the family of Maryam Nuri Hama Amin. the young Kurdish woman who died on a small boat in the Channel trying to reach her British-based husband.

She was a young woman with a bright future ahead – and her life tragically cut short.

It seems that her application to enter the UK was refused and that, in the absence of any safe route, she took the only available alternative.

And how additionally shocking it has been to learn that the UK government has done nothing to put into effect a scheme it promised in August for the resettlement of Afghan citizens.

This scheme would have facilitated the entry of refugees such as this poor woman.

How heartless and cruel of this government.

It stands culpable in her death and possibly that of the others lost in this sinking.

I’m sure many of your readers are as upset as I am about this tragic incident. They might like to attend this very timely online meeting, from 7pm on Wednesday 8th December. It will debate the government’s attempt to bring in a cruel new law that seems designed to further persecute the oppressed and desperate who dream of a new life in this country.



District Cllr. Norman Kay