This iconic picture , pre 1965 shows what was lost when Glos. County Council as the then planning authority were in full flow as vast swathes of historic buildings in this area fell to the wrecking ball in the name of progress and 'slum' clearance.

The stone lies buried, plus tons of Fibrecrete waste, beneath what was Benson's car park.

All part of the conditions for their planning consent.

Is the time not ripe for the recreation of this building with those which surrounded it plus all the watercourses within the port.

It would make a magnificent visitor centre, with a caretaker's flat. Germany rebuilt their city centres after the war, realising that the people loved their familiar street scenes, this is not the Pastiche hated by architects but respect for our historic past.

Thank you Ron [Birch] for mentioning Hill Paul; if Stroud DC--had had their way-that would still have been an urban waste land like the rest of the site.

People Power works if vision is implemented.

At Prinknash the prayers of the monks and the Catholic community have resulted in an order of nuns from Birmingham requesting the use of the front part of the semi-derelict new abbey to live in and open a retreat centre.

The message is to restore and re-use, not demolition and its waste of resources.----

Jenny Bailey Former director and shareholder of Hill Paul Regeneration Co. Ltd. with Paul Griffiths and the late James de la Mare.