I read with interest your article in this weeks journal, dated 4th August, regarding anger at parking tickets at the Five Valley Centre Car Park.

People have been given a parking fine to the value of £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Over the last week I have been sent two of these. The incidents happened in June, so as I have thrown away the ticket I no longer have proof of purchase.

They are accusing me of using the car park without paying.

However I know I have paid for both tickets, as I am an honest citizen, as are many other people in Stroud.

I have written a letter of appeal and waiting to hear back from Civil Enforcement.

I would urge other people to do the same thing.

I have spoken to Stroudnewsandjournal who informed me that many other people have contacted them re this same complaint.

I will consider contacting Siobhan Baillie, our Stroud MP, if this issue is not resolved and the £100 fine withdrawn.

In the meantime, I will not be using this Car Park and in future will keep all tickets.

Yours faithfully,

Jeff Wilson