On this week’s Any Questions, Jacob Rees-Mogg made it clear that he opposes Covid passports because, he said, We must protect our ancient rights very carefully.

For years, teachers have been urged to communicate British Values to our students. Leading that list is the supremacy of the rule of law.

Yet despite the fact over 150,000 people have COVID-19 on their death certificates - Johnson’s government says that it is "neither necessary nor proportionate" to investigate Matt Hancock's use of his personal account" - an account he used to distribute billions of pounds of PPE contracts, to create the test-and-trace programme and to oversee his disastrous care homes strategy.

Scrutinising Hancock’s personal account is not only necessary – it’s essential.

Remember when we were asked to applaud the NHS? Now Johnson’s government is slapping its face. Such brazen hypocrisy is difficult to stomach.

On the same show, Rees-Mog referred to drunken louts shouting at the RNLI for saving lives – it’s a shame he hadn’t the courage to name the pied-piper egging on those drunken louts – namely his erstwhile chum Nigel Farage.

Anthony Hentschel