Sir I appreciate this may be something of along shot but I would like to appeal through your letters page to the more level headed populace of Stroud to kick into touch this grievance politics culture in respect to the impending campaign to remove the time piece known as the Black Boy.

This hierological novelty has been a feature of the Town for over a century in fact at the height of the slavery emancipation bill it sounded the hours in the Towns high street and later out side the Duke of York public house in Nelson street without creating unrest or offence so is this yet another ego massaging exercise?

As for the SDC and its public review that is a joke it would not come as a surprise to find to find the result of said review already decided on.

As for the genocide of indigenous native Americans that surely must be the business of the pilgrim fathers and nothing to do with an antique time piece.

Depicting an African boy ringing a bell I see nothing to suggest slavery. perhaps I am more open minded.

Francis Ray (Stroud)