Sunday November 12th will soon be here, Poppy Day

When we remember those who gave their lives away

It is a time to remember lives affected by war

All the horrors that people saw

The planes flying overhead

People hiding under beds

Children being sent away

Mothers crying on that day

Crumbling houses all around

Children scared of the sound

Mothers and daughters working at home

Rationing and making sure crops are sown

Fathers and Sons fighting hard

No mobile phones only send a card.

Hidden down deep in the trench

Trying to ignore that awful stench.

A war that many never understood

What Hitler wanted was no good.

Why would he want to rid the Jews?

That was really not good news

The Second World War ended at last.

To be remembered as a time in the past

Hitler defeated but at such a great cost

Millions injured and 50 million lost.