A COUPLE of months ago five-year-old Beatrix Drinkwater lost her most treasured friend Lion. 

The cuddly toy had slept with her every night since she was born. But after a night away at De Vere Cotswold Water Park, Lion never made it home. 

The family was certain that Lion must have been left in the hotel room or dropped in the car park, but so far there’s been no sign of him in lost property boxes.

“It breaks my heart every night when Beatrix asks if we’ve found Lion yet,” her Mum Genevieve Drinkwater explained. 

“Some nights it’s tears, some days she just talks about him, and other days it’s drawing after drawing.”

“She’s even put Lion on her letter to Santa,” she added.

The family have tried calling the hotel every week and have even put up a reward poster to no avail. 

If you stumble across Lion, the family are desperate to hear from you. Lion has the name ‘Beatrix Drinkwater’ sewn into his tail.

Contact Genevieve with any information on 07894 142 144.