On Friday, a friend and I visited Cirencester for the first time on a day coach trip from Sussex. We had a wonderful day and will come back for a return visit to see the things we didn't have time to see on Friday.  

During our short visit we looked around the Corn Hall antiques fair and we wandered around the market for a while, then visited the beautiful Parish church. We wanted to visit the museum but our map confused us thoroughly and so we asked two girls passing by for directions to the museum. Not only did they give us directions but they actually took us there, and through your paper I would like to thank them.

One was called Daisy and I don't think we got the name of the other girl.  They were delightful, helpful and charming and a fine advertisement for the people of Cirencester. I'd like through your paper to thank these two young ladies who were lovely and so openly welcoming, they were a joy to meet. I hope their parents are as proud of them as I should be if they were mine.

Daisy and friend, you made our day with your willing and generous help to two elderly ladies. It's a memory we shall cherish for a very long time. In a world where usually we only hear about awful things, you two young ladies were a shining light of loveliness. Thank you very much indeed from us both.

Anne Blackburn and Brenda Williams