WHAT is happening to Cirencester and what sort of people are in the driving seat that dictate what is happening?

Another three months of deferment regarding the Bathurst/Chesterton development, when we all know what the outcome will be. 

It is all cut and dried, the three month deferment is just a moment in time, intended to appease the critics and objectors, by saying: “We are giving the planning application second thoughts.” 

All that is going to be said must have been said already and we the general public are being taken for idiots if we think the development will not take place, despite all the controversy over such a long period of time.

The villages around Cirencester are crying out for affordable housing so that growing families can stay together, but there is always excuses - lack of funding being the main one. 

I know this for a fact, having lived in Coates for 47 years and having served on the parish council for many of those years.

If we look at the changes that have been made in Cirencester of late, our local paper has printed week after week, accidents that have occurred and comments that have been made by local residents and visitors to the town regarding roads and kerb alterations.

Then in last week’s paper a photograph of a smug looking Andrew Tubb after the report was made that there is nothing wrong with the current situation.

Another point that makes you scratch your head, who in their right mind decides to relocate bus termini from the centre of town to West Way, opposite the access to the Forum car park.

It’s all just beggars belief.