I WOULD like to reply to the Rev Dr Nicholas Henderson’s letter, in last week’s Standard, if I may. 

He obviously has no idea, what he’s talking about regarding the Great Western Railways new car park with 333 places at Kemble railway station. 

I guess he’s never been near the new car park, for if he had he would have realised, that his prediction, that in a few years the car park would need quadrupling, was total poppycock, and complete fantasy, and nonsense. 

In reality, I’ve used the car park since it opened, three months or so ago, and for the first two months, it was a rarity, to see more than six cars parked there. 

During the past month, the most cars I’ve seen parked there was 30, leaving 303 spaces empty. The people who previously parked around the streets of Kemble, are still doing it; the end of Windmill Road by the entrance to the station is a total disgrace. 

You may ask why are they still parking like this, when we have a brand new car park? The answer’s simple: they have got used to parking around the village for free. Before the rev doctor writes to the Standard again, he should at least get his facts right.