NOW that the last of the hares has been collected ready for the auction and the Cotswolds seem a little hare-less I should like to say a huge thank you to all those involved. There is no particular order in this because all those involved have played a vital part:

There were over 90 artists who worked with such creativity and dedication, without whom there would be no trail. They produced some truly amazing designs. 

Over 150 sponsors whose support ensured that the trail could run. We couldn’t have done it without them either.

There was a dedicated team who put in hours of voluntary time to run the event. There were numerous people who helped us with the hare production, with printing, transport, publicity and the website.

Our patrons and partners continued to give us fantastic support and everyone of these marvellous people deserves a huge round of applause.
The trail has once again brought fun and a colourful display; this time not only in Cirencester, but across the Cotswolds. A huge undertaking and a major achievement.

Where would all this be without the public taking part? Amazingly several people managed to spot all 85 large hares and 22 leverets – that’s a real labour of love – so thank you again for all your support. We do hope you and your families did have a wonderful time!

I am reserving my last thanks for Cirencester. Thank you especially to those 24 businesses that sponsored the Cirencester hares and once again ensured that Cirencester was truly on the map as capital of the Cotswolds.

I do hope that some of these hares may be bought by townspeople so that they can stay as permanent fixtures in Cirencester to add to our other lovely Cirencester hares. The hares have a special place in Cirencester.

The hares are now all available online for you to bid. There will be a live auction in Cheltenham Racecourse Hall of Fame during the evening of October 6. Details cam be found on the events page of 

Festival director, Cirencester