I HAVE been reading your paper for many years and look forward to seeing the Hatched, Matched and Despatched page and, most of all, the property available.

I have never before complained about the contents of your paper but I am now!

I look forward each week to having a sit down and a cup of coffee with the Standard but not this time (September 7). I was shocked and upset to see that picture of a beautiful dead dog!

I am an animal lover and I too had a faithful dog who was my companion for years. I can’t imagine how anyone could use their pet like the owner of Morwenna did! And what if no-one buys her? Will she end up in the rubbish bin?

Did you have to take that photograph? I am sure I wasn’t the only reader to be upset by it.


Editor’s note: The pet in question was a taxidermy item offered as an auction lot. The picture was supplied to us and we believed readers would be interested in it in view of Morwenna’s television career. However, we take your point Mrs Telling and apologise for offending you.