Dear CDC,

YOU know that in your desire to fill most of your government housing quota you want to foist our town with the largest number of new houses per existing residents of any town of 20,000 people in the whole of the UK (17 houses per 100 residents compared to the national average of 7).

- You know this will mean the highest number of new cars and new people in any town of this size in the UK.

- You know this will mean intense overcrowding and congestion on our meagre road system with no investment in new roads.

- You know your intention to put numerous crossings on our relief road system will create congestion and potential harm to its citizens.

- You know this will all damage the health and well-being of its citizens because of air pollution greater than any other town of the same size.

- You know this will damage the structure and fabric of its unique number of listed buildings, particularly between Hammond Way and Spitalgate.

- You know the site is the wrong side of town.

- You know many of you are involved in buying and selling houses.

- You know more than 1000 people from the town made written objections to the development on the official portal on the grounds of number of houses not the principle of more houses. 

And yet you did... nothing.

On behalf of Save Our Cirencester