WE HAVE shopped regularly in Cirencester for the last 35 years and can honestly say that we think the revamped Market Place is a great improvement. It really is so much better for the markets and the general ambience in the area around the Parish Church is so much better.

We cannot understand all the complaints about the low kerbs, especially as equally low kerbs have existed for years in a number of locations in Cirencester, for example parts of Cricklade Street and West Way, seemingly without causing a problem. We’ve recently seen similar kerbs in Cheltenham and Oxford and again we are not aware that they cause a problem.

Several opponents of the scheme have stated as a matter of fact that business has decreased in the town. What is the evidence? Seemingly it’s that a couple of shops have closed. This is not a new phenomenon, shops have been opening and closing for years and it doesn’t appear to be any different now to what it has been in the past.

Yes, there might be fewer people about in the mornings, but that is likely to be linked with the free parking after 3pm. We can say as a matter of fact that the Forum Car Park is now much busier on a Sunday to the extent that finding a space at midday appears to be becoming a problem.

It would be interesting to know from those complaining that they can’t drive down Cricklade Street or Castle Street from the Market Place as to where they are coming from and their destination. Is there really no other route or are they just bemoaning the loss of a short cut?

A couple of tweaks may be required, for example making some of the existing parking in Castle Street and the Market Place disabled only and making the signage at the end of Cricklade Street needs to be improved to make it clearer that access is restricted.

We do hope that the various reviews being undertaken do not result in any significant changes as we like it as it is now.