COTSWOLD District Council are having a special council meeting on Tuesday, September 26, beginning at 1pm, in Cirencester Baptist Church, Chesterton Lane, GL7 1YE. Members of the public are welcome.

This special council meeting is being held to consider Bathurst Development Ltd’s outline application to build up to 2,350 residential dwellings and various community facilities on Chesterton Farm.

It’s not clear yet who will be allowed to speak. Formal notification of the meeting will be sent out in due course.

Several members of the public would like to ask – does an outline planning application differ from a planning application? Will a planning application by Bathurst Development Ltd ever be considered by the Cotswold District Council Planning and Licensing Committee?

Save our Cirencester is having a meeting in the Corn Hall on Tuesday, September 7, at 7pm. Maybe by then Cotswold District Council will have answered these questions.