FURTHER to Cllr Hodgkinson saying that ‘police cuts have gone too far’: 
In my candidate mail, I noted that if we re-adopted a militia for our police and army, supplied by a rota from the whole community, with voluntary participation, then we probably wouldn’t need to tax or to press anyone for either of these services, except maybe in a time of war. 

The Swiss still have a militia-army, and as such loath to get involved in wars, so they haven’t had one for 200 years. Some such true democracy might be a good idea here as the UK gov is really a pure corporatocracy, making wars to aid its domestic policy of divide and conquer and vice versa. 

Paul Hodgkinson, Martin Surl and others coax us to vote by implying this is democracy, but at each election for government the people are forced to vote for someone other than themselves to govern, so it is nearly the opposite from a democracy. As I’ve said, it’s a pure corporatocracy. 

Now due to mechanisation we all should have more leisure and wealth, but only if we were in a true democracy, not in a fake one. Meanwhile the real governing pure corporatocracy takes an opposing view, which is that with mechanisation the general public is expendable! But again we’re not told.

So untold; we are in an end game where most people it seems would rather die than face this truth. Churchill in an illuminated mood said: “men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

This truth is that most of us are pawns in today’s pure corporatocracy’s global end game. I don’t know when or how, but only that unless we start a true people’s militia – true democracy to provide our own protection – most of us are likely to perish in one of its ‘strategy of tension’ coils.

Cotswolds non-party candidate