COUNCILLOR Shane Poole is right about the threat of closure of subways on the bypass, and footbridges are also threatened. Subways were provided in the 1970s when the bypass was constructed, but maintenance has been neglected, resulting in the flooding problems. 

Gloucestershire Highways must face up to their responsibilities for subway drainage, lighting and cleaning. Properly-maintained subways and footbridges eliminate conflict between pedestrians and vehicles travelling at up to 70mph, and this is why a footbridge linking Kingshill Meadow and Tesco was provided just a few years ago.

If the proposals from the Bathurst Development and Gloucestershire Highways are fully implemented, then these will be replaced by Toucan crossings, together with more for the new Chesterton development, making a total of up to nine.

Of course, new Toucan crossings will be cheaper than new bridges or subways, but not as safe. Pedestrians, particularly the young, old, and mothers with shopping and pushchairs will be at risk when using these crossings. 

40mph signs may be provided, but will the limits be enforced? It is inevitable sooner or later that a pedestrian will be hit by a vehicle unable to stop at a red light. The developer should not be allowed to cut costs by impairing pedestrian safety. 

Also, traffic going round the bypass will have to stop at red lights at Toucan crossings up to nine times, and accelerate away after, creating more dangerous pollution. What other towns have a bypass with this dubious distinction?